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OrdinalHub is proud to have executed several of the premiere Inscriptions on Bitcoin Ordinals. Our team was behind the Taproot Wizards, DeGods, Bitcoin Magazine, and several others. We have inscribed over 100,000 Inscriptions across all datatypes, inscription techniques, and fee rates.

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OrdinalHub specializes in custom, bespoke Inscribing + minting + release strategies with an emphasis on novel techniques & precise execution. Our team can guide you through the process from concept + ideation to release. Whether you are a project on Ethereum looking to launch on Bitcoin or a brand that wants to do something novel, we can help.

OrdinalHub is a product of Luxor, the 2nd largest Bitcoin mining pool in North America and as such has unique access to techniques such as bespoke block production & nonstandard transaction ordering.

We’d like to know more about you & your project! Please fill in the form below & we will reach out to schedule a discovery call.

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4mb or custom block

We included unconventionally large transactions in blocks that we mined ourselves, such as the Taproot Wizard & Bitcoin Magazine Cover. We also produced a block in partnership with DeGods featuring 535 unique transactions. These inscription techniques require direct partnership with a Bitcoin mining pool such as Luxor.

Large collections on specific satoshis

We’ve worked with premiere projects (Bitcoin Budz, Forgotten Runes, Inscribed Pepes) to procure large quantities special sats, split/parse & prepare them for inscription, and inscribe en masse at optimal fee rates.

Network graph provenance

Forgotten Runes - a technical scheme where we created a “network graph” of a 10-sided decagram of 10 nodes, each inscribing items from a collection and incorporated into the collection narrative. We worked closely with Forgotten Runes to craft a novel technical achievement into a complimentary narrative.

Custom provenance/parent-child

We have produced several custom provenance mechanics for collections beyond what is available from the ord client. These include: Uncommon/Rare UTXO provenance (using special sat inscription to create/parent hundreds of children on other special sats), Parent-child as estimated by ord client but ahead of official ord implementation.

Cursed or Unbound

Cursed by MIME type, nonstandard output, other. Inscriptions not bound to a sat (as recognized by ord client).

Rapid inscription of metaprotocols at scale

Large scale (10,000+) inscription metaprotocol launches. We also provide consulting for optimal metaprotocol design.

We specialize in working with high-value projects to
ideate & execute novel ways of Inscribing on Bitcoin

Our process

We begin with a discovery conversation to learn more about you and communicate our capabilities. If we think there is a partnership, we move forwards with ideation & technical review. We can accelerate the process if you come with a specific plan in mind.



Plan & Technical Review


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OrdinalHub requires a minimum service fee deposit of
0.15 btc for project partnerships

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